our 2016 season


January 19th

Eureka Theater (215 Jackson St, San Francisco)

In 2015, for the first time ever, 18 year old San Francisco based sketch comedy beasts Killing My Lobster produced a brand new show every month for an entire year. 12 productions, 29 actors, 24 writers, over 200 sketches and a whole lot of stick-on mustaches later, we’re still kicking. KML’s coming to SF Sketchfest, and we’re bringing our absolute best of 2015!

February 18th - 27th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

It’s The Ladies VS. The Fellas at KML in February! For the second year in a row, we’ve split up into two teams of writers and actors to battle it out for your voting pleasure! Each team will take on a series of topics in sketch form - and you pick the winner! However you identify, you’ll identify this as an hilarious pile of hot carnage. It’s a battle of the sexes like you’ve never seen before. SEX BATTLE! 

March 24th - 26th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

Ministry of Silly Walks. Chippendales with Chris Farley. Some guy falling down a manhole. Physical comedy has an illustrious history, and we're going to dance, shimmy, and karate chop it. Talk is cheap. Let's get physical. Listen to your BODY TALK. 

April 28th - 30th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

For the past 3 years, Killing My Lobster has been teaming up with 826 Valencia to teach the youth of America the fundamentals of sketch comedy. Now, for the second year in a row, we're taking their zany, imaginative, and wildly honest sketches and putting on a show with professional actors. Kids telling adults what to do: that HAS to be funny.

May 19th - 21st

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

There are hammers for women. Pens for women. And now, finally, there's Theatre For Women. Join us as we cover the unfamiliar ground of womanhood. From Mr. Darcy to the Spice Girls, to women driven to murder or at least fits of crying and purchasing knives, Killing My Lobster will cover it all in Lifetime: Theatre for Women. It's for women. Guaranteed. 

June 28th

Montgomery Theatre, San Jose

Killing My Lobster, San Francisco’s premier sketch comedy group, is taking a tech bus to an Uber to a Lyft to San Jose for the Hadoop Summit. We will be performing fast, smart, and fearless sketch comedy, covering topics including: the tech industry, data science (that’s the one with test tubes, right?), startup culture, online privacy, gender and diversity in tech.

August 18th - 20th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

The King of Nerds has forfeited the crown! A new ruler will be chosen in the traditional way -- with a sketch comedy competition. Representatives from all sects of Nerdom roll a giant 20-sided die for the opportunity to present their case and at the end of the show a new king shall be crowned. It’s a Storm of Swords, it’s The Starship Enterprise, it’s GAME OF NERDS.

September 29th - October 8th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco) 

And 5,6,7,8! We're squeezing into our leotards and defying gravity with a trunk full of musical numbers and a gallon of throat spray. From Fosse to Fiddler we're an unstoppable force of belting and tap shoes. We may have a giant chandelier, but we promise it'll be shorter than Les Miserables.

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November 3rd - 8th

PianoFight (144 Taylor St, San Francisco)

Stressed about the future of the good 'ol USA? Want to laugh instead of cry? With political commentary, sketches, and up to date news that changes with each performance, we'll keep you abreast of the future of this great nation with a beer in your hand. Catch the weekend shows and come back Tuesday for the free *ELECTION NIGHT SPECIAL* for a full evening of celebrating, mourning, or blacking out with an "I VOTED" sticker on your face.

December 15th - 17th

Z Space (450 Florida St, San Francisco)

How much do you really know about the holidays? Think about it. Sure, most holidays seem like they're full of fun and togetherness now, but that's definitely not how they started. For the first time in history, we delve deep into the underworld of holiday origin stories. Join us as we investigate the hilarious and twisted truth behind our 'precious' holidays. This is KMLZ: The Lobster Before Christmas

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