kml returns to SF Sketchfest this january with:

Art by Rinee Shah

Art by Rinee Shah

America! Wow! Ha ha ha. Oh man that's a place. We live there. What a fucking country. Come see #America, Killing My Lobster's sketch comedy show about the ups and downs, mostly the downs, about existing in the self-described "greatest country in the world."  

*Both performances at PianoFight, 144 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102

meet the team

Director: Cassie Rosenbrock

Head Writer: Mike Ottum



Amanda Rosenberg

Elaine Gavin

James Jordan

Karl Keily

Molly Sanchez



Daphne Dorman

Ittai Geiger

Jeunée Simon

Jimmy Snell

Kyna Wise

Tirumari Jothi


Stage Manager: Alandra Hileman