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KML Company Members

Allison Page is a writer/actor/comedian with nice hair, not necessarily in that order. She came to San Francisco from the frozen tundra of rural northern Minnesota in 2008, and first hooked up with the lobsters acting in 2010′s KML Preaches to the Choir and pretty much has had her lobster claws in the bisque since then. (what? yeah.) When she’s not busy with the lobsters, Allison can be found toiling away at Zynga as a game writer, or performing with companies including Custom Made Theatre and San Francisco Theater Pub or in various places on the internet, like the web series Everybody’s a Comedian.

Andy Alabran - As Killing My Lobster’s Creative Director, Andy counts his lucky stars to be able to work with Bay Area’s finest and funniest. He has been with Killing My Lobster since 2005 when he first played The Teapot in “Kisses a Toad”. For these past seven years, he’s performed characters such as: Robert Pattinson, Peter Pan, and a slice of white bread. He’s written sketches such as: “Nice Tights”, “Brown Cat Yellow Cat”. and “The Love Song Sketch”. He’s performed in sketch shows such as: “The Whole Megillah”, “Nothing is Original”, and “Conquers the Galaxy”. He’s directed such shows as “Springs Forward, Falls Back” and “KML Plays with Beckett”. And he’s been CD for shows such as: “Hits Highway 101″, “Patronizes the Arts”, and “Holds the Mayo”. Andy is also a company member of the Shotgun Players where he’s performed in shows such as: “Truffaldino Says No”, “Threepenny Opera”, and “The Death of Meyerhold”. He holds a BA in Theater and an MFA in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater.
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Chris Parisi
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Damon Brennen has been a writer for Killing My Lobster since 2009. He’s written for over 10 shows including Killing My Lobster Hits Highway 101, Preaches to the Choir, Holds the Mayo and KMLZ Holidaze. In addition to writing, Damon also ran the KML video department from 2009-12 where he wrote and produced some of the groups biggest viral hits including Oakland! and Why Is Everybody Here?. In addition to KML shows, Damon’s video work has been featured on Funny or Die, The New York Times, Laughing Squid, Boing Boing and The Daily What. Damon is also very tall and has an awesome dog named Fergus.  

Darl Andrew Packard was born in Baltimore, MD where he attended Goucher College, gained a double degree in Theater and Communications and learned to be a hardcore RAVENS fanatic.  After working in local television production for two years he moved to San Francisco in 2006 and has since worked in the theater as a Production Manager, Technical Director and Lighting and Video Designer.  His design work has been seen with Word for Word Performing Arts, Mugwumpin, Crowded Fire, Golden Thread, CounterPULSE, YBCA and Intersection for the Arts among many others.  He recently directed “KML: Does Not Fear the End” and co-directed the “KML’s Best of…Sketchfest 2012 Show” and “The Concert at The Collins.”  He is currently the Technical Director of the Urban School of San Francisco, the co-founder of The Collage Theater Company and Production Manager and Administrative Coordinator for Killing My Lobster.

Erin Carter is a Bay Area actor, writer, & director, and has been a Killing My Lobster company member since 2007. She has performed in KML Saves the Day, KML For the Very First Time, and Pure Shock Value as well as multiple one-weekend shows and KML short films.  Erin has also written for KML shows, including KML Conquers the GalaxyKML Hits Highway 101, and most recently KML Chops Down the Family Tree. In 2009, Erin directed KML Patronizes the Arts.  In addition to her work with KML, Erin has performed with the Shotgun Players, Impact Theatre, TheatreFirst, and the Magic Theatre Launchpad, and she is a company member with Precarious Theatre.  Erin has trained at the American Conservatory Theatre and is a graduate of Princeton University.  You can catch her in our upcoming fall show KML Does Not Fear the End.

Jon Burton is a filmmaker and sketch comedy enthusiast. Having grown up in San Francisco, he first heard about Killing My Lobster while in High School. Shortly after graduating from film school in New York in 2008, Jon moved back to the Bay Area and has been working with KML since 2011, filming live shows, short films, and promotional videos for the company, and also taking as many classes as the Lobsters offer, all of which he highly recommends to anyone by the way.
Ken Grobe

Ken Slattery is KML’s Writing Director and Company Representative on the Board of Directors. Ken has been writing for KML since 2007. He is one of the Writing Class instructors, and also runs KML’s semi-regular fundraising trivia night Pops The Question, which he originated in 2010. Ken co-directed KML Goes Undercover in 2010, and was the Head Writer for KML Reboots in 2011 and KML Takes It to the Streets in 2012. The sketches he is most proud of are “Seinfeld 2011”, “Teenage Obsession”, “Fucking 101”, “Arbor Day”, and “Chess Murder Mystery.” Ken is also a playwright.

Millie DeBenedet received her BFA in Acting from DePaul University’s Theatre School in Chicago, Illinois where she had the honor to perform with Chicago Playworks Theatre for Young Audiences. She has been performing and teaching with Killing My Lobster for the past 3 years. Her favorite KML performances have been KML Takes It To The StreetsKML Chops Down the Family Tree, and KML Conquers the Galaxy. Millie can also be spotted in few of KML’s digital shorts; Teenage Obsession and Why is Everybody Here?  She is currently developing a sketch comedy writing workshop for kids (ages 8-11) as a collaborative project between 826 Valencia & Killing My Lobster. Millie is also a film and voice-over actress here in the Bay Area, her recent work includes Stride Gum, Google, Yahoo, Atlassian, Microsoft, Leapfrog, and Lowe’s. Other performance credits include Genittti’s Hole-In-The-Wall, Second City Detroit, and BATS Improv. Millie aslo runs casting sessions for commercials, TV and film productions at Nancy Hayes Casting in San Francisco.

Njon Weinroth started on the road to funny as an actor and crewmember in children’s theater back in the dark ages. Later, after several years singing in Europe, he returned to the US and entered the not-so-funny world of opera. Realizing its lack of financial security, he quickly made the move to retail banking until they funnily broke the economy in the early 2000’s. He replanted his funny roots through KML in 2010 and has served as funny actor, writer, producer, backstage manager, director and editor ever since. He enjoys funny walks in the city and Stouffers lasagna with meat sauce.

Paco Romane is an award-winning comedian and a familiar face to Bay Area comedy fans. In 2012, he was voted “Best Comedian” in the SF Weekly’s “Best of the Bay”, and as recently noted, “7 years of success have kept Paco Romane at the top of SF’s comedy scene.” In addition to stand-up, Paco is also a longtime member of the Bay Area sketch-comedy institution Killing My Lobster. He also produces the SF-based comedy show “The Romane Event”, which the Onion hailed as “hilarious”. The Romane Event stage has become a favorite destination for comedy legends, up-and-coming comedians, and fans of comedy. He has also written and directed many popular comedy videos and has performed stand-up across the country in clubs and festivals, including The SF Punchline, Sacramento Punchline, Dr Grins, San Jose Improv, The Purple Onion, SF Sketchfest, The Gulf Coast Comedy Festival, SF Comedy Day and more. He has also worked with Robin Williams, Rick Overton, Jake Johannsen, Mr. T, Joe Rogan, Will Durst, and many other great comedians.

Sarah Mitchell
BardiTwins_biopic_croppedTy Bardi and Gina Bardi (AKA The Bardi Twins) are a lifelong collaborative comedy writing team that create sketches, short films, animation and audio pieces.   They are KML company members and head writers on the Spring 2013 show. During the day, Ty makes the world a better place by working at an ad agency and Gina is a librarian. In 2012, they learned they were nominated for a Tony Award in the category of “non-profit sketch comedy written by a sibling duo.” They were very proud of this until they learned that no such award exists and they were just being made fun of.


Molly Benson is a theatre, film, commercial and voiceover actress in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  She is currently the voice of Mrs. Potatohead for the iPhone/iPad game (which is apparently very popular in Saudi Arabia) and the voice of Lucky and Savemart Supermarkets in the Bay Area and Central Valley.  Killing My Lobster invited her into it’s coveted ranks in 2011, she became a company member in 2012, and during that time she’s performed with them in numerous class readings, KMLZ, “Conquers the Galaxy”, “Takes it to the Streets”, and for SF Sketchfest and at the Collins Theatre for a “best of” show in 2013.  You can learn more about her adventures on and off the stage at
Cas Ruffin
Nate Bolton
Griffin Taylor is the tall one that looks like Miami Vice-era Don Johnson. Kinda? No?  Well, he’s gotten it a couple times from reliable sources, so yes he does. When Griffin isn’t looking remarkably like Miami Vice-era Don Johnson he has been writing, acting and teaching classes with Killing My Lobster. He wrote for KML Takes it to the Streets, Megillah 3.0, KML Learns a Lesson and Winter Follies! He also appeared in KML’s “Best Of” show at last year’s SF Sketchfest, KML Concert at The Collins and now this! And he will be teaching Writing 1 this coming January with KML! And he’s a Capricorn.


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Lia Metz has been with the Lobsters since 2009, and been a company member since 2012.  She has worked on several Lobster showsbehind the scenes as a Director, Stage Manager and Technical Director. Prior and alongside her joyful stint as a Lobster, Lia has worked in professional theatre throughout California, and trained at the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts (PCPA). She is currently the Resident Production Stage Manager at Sierra Repertory Theatre.
Matt Gunnison
Sabina Piersol loves the Giants. As evident here in this photo. –>