“Yay Purim!” Comedic Short

A casual dinner party turns awkward in this video called “Yay, Purim!”

(Video was produced as part of our most recent collaboration with Dan Wolf and the JCC for a one-night Purim carnival/celebration called “Megillah 3.0”.)

KML Does Not Fear the End – Apoc-a-Con

Written and Directed by Njon Weinroth
Camera and Editor: Christopher Knox

Allison Page, Daniel McElroy, Gareth Marsh

KML ‘Does Not Fear the End’ – Apoca-Date

Written by Ken Grobe and Janne Campbell
Directed by Jon Burton

Brian Allen, Molly Benson, Janne Campbell, Millie DeBenedet, Joe Estlack, Matt Gunnison, Wylie Herman, Sarah Mitchell, Anthony Tupasi

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