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A.C.T.’s Black Watch goes Lobster Red

Killing My Lobster teamed up with A.C.T. to help their patrons find their way around the Armory.  Catch their latest show, Black Watch, after you’ve had a Lobster Lesson in navigating the Mission.

“Yay Purim!” Comedic Short

A casual dinner party turns awkward in this video called “Yay, Purim!”

(Video was produced as part of our most recent collaboration with Dan Wolf and the JCC for a one-night Purim carnival/celebration called “Megillah 3.0″.)

Takes it to the Streets – “It’s A Show About Family”

Check out this comedic short written and produced by KML’s own Ty Bardi. This film appeared in the KML one-nighter ‘Takes it to the Streets’ on Saturday, December 1st, 2012.

KML Does Not Fear the End – Apoc-a-Con

Written and Directed by Njon Weinroth
Camera and Editor: Christopher Knox

Allison Page, Daniel McElroy, Gareth Marsh

KML ‘Does Not Fear the End’ – Apoca-Date

Written by Ken Grobe and Janne Campbell
Directed by Jon Burton

Brian Allen, Molly Benson, Janne Campbell, Millie DeBenedet, Joe Estlack, Matt Gunnison, Wylie Herman, Sarah Mitchell, Anthony Tupasi

Mission Local: KML Laughs at the Apocalypse

Missionlocal.org does a spot on KML and our upcoming show, Killing My Lobster DOES NOT FEAR THE END! Watch the video below!!!

This is Comedy: Killing My Lobster Laughs at the Apocalypse from Mission Local on Vimeo.

WIN A DATE WITH MILLIE to our 15th Anniversary “Quinceañera” Prom!

Place your bid below to win a date to the KML “Quinceañera” Prom with our own stunning KML Company member, Millie DeBenedet!

She’s funny, she’s beautiful, and she’ll charm the pants off you! (KML cannot guarantee full removal of said pants.)

Bidding closes on Thursday, September 13th at 6:00PM SHARP!
(The winning bidder will be notified on the payment process.)

Check out the video to see what you can expect from a date with the one and only, Millie!

¡Atención: Nuestro “Quinceañera” VIDEO!

KML brings you an info-tainment video to answer all of your Quinceañera queries!

Tyler Perry’s “Some White Family”

What’s the new Tyler Perry project everyone’s talking about? We take you behind the scenes of the hot new series, “Tyler Perry’s Some White Family.”

Babies on a Plane

This Summer, terror… is adorable.

Intervention- Chewbacca

Once a fighter pilot, Chewbacca is now plagued by feelings of disappointment and failure. He escapes them by huffing Air Duster and drinking Vodka. Can he be saved?


Did you ever wonder where you came from? FamilyTree.com can help!

Teenage Obsession

Emily sees a psychiatrist following the strange turn of events at a slumber party, involving her Best Friend Emily.

Lucha Libre Purim!

Sábado no es para el trabajar … Sábado es para el COMBATE!

Because if you hear “Purim” and don’t think about guys in tights and masks pile-driving each other, you’re celebrating the WRONG holiday!

Shit Shit Says

If shit could say shit, what kind of shit would shit say? We venture to guess.