The KML Signature Team Building workshop

Ever been told you need to work on your “people skills”? Ouch. You should probably schedule a training with us.

Illustration by Rinee Shah

Illustration by Rinee Shah

  • gain listening techniques for better communication

  • Hone interpersonal skills of entire staff

  • Create a culture that embraces new ideas

  • Laugh and bond with your team

  • Have fun in a safe, structured environment

  • Learn to trust your instincts and how to create a supportive environment in your workplace

Killing My Lobster has over 20 years experience bringing teams together to write, direct, produce, and perform comedy - and we’ve learned a lot in that time. Let us teach you how to unlock your creativity, and strengthen Soft skills and team dynamics.

The KML Lobster Roll (2 hrs)

Our signature two hour workshop will give your team a boost and help you identify areas where communication and spontaneity can help you flourish and break out of bad habits


  • Leadership teams looking for development opportunities

  • Technical teams looking to improve their communication and soft skills

  • Groups looking for a bonding activity outside of the office

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A Deeper Dive - Custom Training

We work with you to design a specific training program to match the pain points and needs of your team