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Killing My Lobster Reboots

Killing My Lobster Reboots
Comedic vignettes for the technologically titillated
April 7–24, The Jewish Theatre, 470 Florida Street @ Mariposa, San Francisco

Tickets on sale now!

Hop on your hoverboard and scoot over to the Mission for our newest show, Killing My Lobster Reboots. San Francisco’s favorite sketch group serves up some serious giggle-bytes in this timely toast to technology. Highlights include the shocking truth behind the elevator’s “close door” button, the adventures of Facebook’s most notorious over-poster, and a brand new invention KML Scienticians know will change our lives forever. We’ll have you laughing so hard, you’ll HTTP your pants!

Directed by Lia Metz.
Produced by Abraham Dover.

Starring  Todd Brotze, Calum Grant,  Matt Gunnison, Allison Johnson, Allison Page, and Alyssa Stone.

Written by Damon Brennen, Janne Campbell, Ken Grobe, Stephen Kalmakis, Sang S. Kim, Steve Nathans, Annie O’Rourke, Chris Parisi, Sabina Piersol, Paco Romane, Andy Sciamanna, Ken Slattery and Miriam Wild-Smith.