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Press release – October 14, 2013

KML Winter Follies Press Release

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Photo by Rowan Brooks
From LtoR: Matt Gunnison and Paco Romane


Photo By Rowan Brooks
From LtoR: Calum Grant and Paco Romane


Photo by Rowan Brooks
Featuring: Griffin Taylor


sFrom left to right: Millie DeBenedet, Will Dao, Peter Townley. (Credit: Rowan Brooks)The Shakespeare Bug Production Photos (Credit: Rowan Brooks)

From left to right: Millie DeBenedet, Will Dao, Peter Townley. (Credit: Rowan Brooks)

Press release – April 17, 2013

Killing My Lobster Learns A Lesson Press Release


Cast (from left to right): Jan Gilbert, Ben Euphrat, Anthony Tupasi, Matt Gunnison, Molly Benson, Meghann Hayes


Cast (from left to right): Meghann Hayes, Molly Benson, Jan Gilbert

Press release – February 6, 2013

Megillah 3.0: The Online Purim Carnival Experience Launch Party Event

Megillah Hi-Res Image File


The Whole Megillah: 2.0The Whole Megillah: 2.0

Press release – November 26, 2012

Killing My Lobster TAKES IT TO THE STREETS Press Release


Press release – October 12, 2012

Killing My Lobster DOES NOT FEAR THE END Press Release

KML “Does Not Fear the End” Hi-Res publicity image below.  Photo credit: Chris Parisi
(Pictured from left to right: Erin Carter, Paco Romane, Allison Page, Calum Grant, Matt Gunnison)


Press release – August 14, 2012

KML Quinceanera Press Release

KML Quinceanera Publicity One-Sheet


KML Quinceanera Hi-Res publicity image below. Photo credit: James C. Trujillo

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