idle hands are the lobster's playground


Wanna see comedy with no strings attached? All right, there may be some strings...and googly eyes. Killing My Lobster is performing sketch comedy -- WITH PUPPETS. Sock puppets, marionettes, paper-bags, & feathers will flood the stage with hilarity. Don't take our word for it, here's what some prominent puppet people have to say: "Don't waste your time!" - Jim Henson "NOOOOOOO" - Lamb Chop "*Gulp*" - Kermit The Frog

Meet the team

Director: Melissa Keith

Head Writer: Kate Elston



Carla Lee

Elaine Gavin

Evan Burton 

Karl Keily

Meg Trowbridge

Molly Sanchez

Sam Bertken 



Elaine Gavin

George Coker

Justin Lucas

Michael Jorizzo

Michelle Peck 

Siobhan Doherty


Stage Manager: Emilio Racinez

Puppet Master: Chris Morrell