KML ‘Takes it to the Streets’

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 at 7PM & 10PM, Stage Werx Theatre, San Francisco

comedic vignettes for the hilariously hip

Having walked the streets of SF for 15 years, Killing My Lobster will pay tribute on Saturday, December 1st with a one-night, two-show affair that celebrates what makes San Francisco the hilarious, ridiculous, and unique place KML calls home. From the graffiti on 24th and Mission to the ice cream on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, from the hippies in Golden Gate park to the food trucks at Fort Mason, they’re throwing one big street fair of a sketch comedy show and everyone’s invited!

In addition to their patented comedy goodness, KML Takes it to the Streets features the musical talents of Tommy Shepherd from local group “Felonious”. Tommy will supply live hip-hop and beat boxing, providing the perfect street-level counterpart to the staged funny.

Director: Dan Wolf
Actors: Brian Allen, Molly Benson, Millie DeBenedet, Jeff Moran, Anthony Tupasi, and Rana Weber
Musician: Tommy Shepherd
Stage Manager: Zoe Bronstein
Technical Director: Lia Metz
Front of House: Cas Ruffin
Set Design: Nate Bolton
Head Writer:Ken Slattery
Writers: Allison Page, Alani Foxall, Chris Parisi, Gina Bardi, Cas Money, Griffin Taylor, Mark Spinrad, Miriam Wild-Smith , Njon Weinroth, Sharon Rowley, Ty Bardi

446 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

All photography courtesy of Nicole Gluckstern.

Brian Allen (Left) and Jeff Moran (Right).

Anthony Tupasi.

Jeff Moran.

Millie DeBenedet (left) and Brian Allen (right).

From left to right: Rana Weber, Jeff Moran, Molly Benson.

Jeff Moran (left) and Rana Weber (right).