Illustration by Cody Rishell

Illustration by Cody Rishell

Straighten your big puffy collar, crawl through your true love's window, and turn into a donkey, because we're taking the life and works of William Shakespeare and stuffing it all into a 60 minute sketch comedy show. Whether you're a groundling or a raging Sir Francis Bacon truther, this summer will be the winter of content.

berkeley performances @ waterfront conservatory/4th st playhouse

friday, july 19th @ 8pm

Saturday, july 20th @ 7pm

saturday, july 20th @ 9pm

san francisco performances @ exit theatre, 156 eddy st

thursday, july 11th @ 8pm

Friday, july 12th @ 8pm

Saturday, july 13th @ 8pm

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meet the team:

DIRECTOR: Stuart Bousel

HEAD WRITER: Allison Page



Alexandra Barthel

Siobhan Doherty

Laura Domingo

Ittai Geiger

Nick Hongola

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