It’s The Ladies VS. The Fellas at KML in February! We’ve split up into two teams of writers and actors to battle it out for your voting pleasure! Each team will take on a series of topics in sketch form – and you pick the winner! However you identify, you’ll identify this as an hilarious pile of hot carnage. It’s a battle of the sexes like you’ve never seen before. SEX BATTLE!

Fri. Feb. 27th @ 8pm

Sat. Feb. 28th @ 8pm & 10pm

PianoFight 144 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA

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SEX BATTLE Cast & Crew
Directors: Erin Carter & Griffin Taylor
Stage Manager: Jessica Roux
Head Writers: Elaine Gavin & Mike Ottum
Writers: Ashley Siebels, Chris Parisi, Janne Campbell, Kenny Bourquin, Kate Elston, Matt Casey, Meghann Hayes, Sean Owens, Tara Shoenholz, Christian Simonsen
Performers: Molly Benson, Justin Lucas, Millie DeBenedet, Max Maliga, Siobahn Doherty, Frankie Griffen, Kate Ociepka, Tavis Kammet

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Improv for Beginners

Improv for Beginnersmeghayes

Whether you’re an experienced improviser or a newbie to the scene, come on down to Killing My Lobster’s Improv Intensives and improvise in a supportive, “yes, and” environment.

The KML improv intensives are a way to create a safe and supportive community around improv. Whether you are a seasoned improviser looking to dust off the old improv shoes, or are brand new to improv and just want to shake off that shyness, KML can accommodate you and your needs.

Instructor: Meghann Hayes

Sun. Feb. 22nd, 2015 from 1p-3p

$30 per person (10 person limit)

KML HQ, 2101 Folsom St. SF, CA 94110

Know Your Alphabet

cover170x170The Alphabet podcast!

Each episode is a new letter of the alphabet and a bunch of hilarious sketches and stories that begin with that letter. So, if you’re listening to a story about an astronaut, you’re probably listening to episode “A.” If it’s about bears, it’s episode “B.” You can probably figure it out from here. — Killing My Lobster is producing a brand new live comedy show in San Francisco, EVERY SINGLE MONTH in 2015, including a live episode of this podcast!

Listen to all the episodes HERE