SF-Sketchfest-2Killing My Lobster is back…at SF Sketchfest! First we took it all off, and now we’re keeping it off! Catch a whole pod of Lobsters shakin’ what their mamas gave ‘em – no frills allowed! We’re throwing them in a big ‘ol pot of boiling comedy. The screaming means they’re fresh. It’s stripped-down Lobster lovin’ a la SF’s best comedy festival!

January 27th, 2015 @ 8p

The Eureka Theater, 215 Jackson St. SF, CA

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SF Sketchfest Cast & Crew
Director: Allison Page
Stage Manager: Jessica Roux
Performers: Jan Gilbert, Kenny Bourquin, Hilary Hyatt, Griffin Taylor, Arianna Papalexopoulos, Justin Lucas

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The Year of the Lobster

ANNOUNCING: In 2015 you’ll be able to get your monthly fill of Lobster as we ramp up production to offer you 12 brand new shows next year.

Here is the list to whet your appetite, click the show title to purchase tickets!

January SF Sketchfest Allison Page Tue. 1/27 Eureka Theater
February Sex Battle Erin Carter & Griffin Taylor Fri. 2/27 & Sat. 2/28 Piano Fight
March KML’s Excellent Adventure Kenny Bourquin Fri 3/27 & Sat. 3/28 Piano Fight
April KML & 826 Valencia Millie DeBenedet Fri. 4/24 & Sat. 4/25 Piano Fight
May Murder, She Was Murdered Dan Wolf Fri. 5/22 & Sat. 5/23 Piano Fight
June KML Gets A Prenup Meg Trowbridge Fri. 6/26 & Sat. 6/27 Piano Fight
July Sisterhood of the Traveling Hat Griffin Taylor Fri. 7/24 & Sat. 7/25 Piano Fight
August Lobster Jones’ Diary Allison Page Fri. 8/28 & Sat. 8/29 Piano Fight
September KML Presents “Gary” Meg Trowbridge and Kenny Bourquin Fri. 9/25 & Sat. 9/26 Piano Fight
October Rosemary’s Lobster Millie DeBenedet Fri. 10/23 & Sat. 10/24 Piano Fight
November Best of KML Podcast The Bardi Twins Fri. 11/20 & Sat. 11/21 Piano Fight
December KMLZ: Holidaze Paul Charney TBD Z Space

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Know Your Alphabet

cover170x170The Alphabet podcast!

Each episode is a new letter of the alphabet and a bunch of hilarious sketches and stories that begin with that letter. So, if you’re listening to a story about an astronaut, you’re probably listening to episode “A.” If it’s about bears, it’s episode “B.” You can probably figure it out from here. — Killing My Lobster is producing a brand new live comedy show in San Francisco, EVERY SINGLE MONTH in 2015, including a live episode of this podcast!

Listen to all the episodes HERE