MARCH 2015


Jump into our Tardis, warm up the Flux Capacitor, and take a Quantum Leap with KML as we travel through time and space in search of sketch comedy! Will we alter the course of the future resulting in our being ruled by a super-race of screaming sheep? Or will we just laugh so hard we pee our pants a little? Beef up on an inaccurate past and fail your history test with us!

Fri. Mar. 27th @ 7pm & 9p

Sat. Mar. 28th @ 7pm & 9pm

PianoFight 144 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA

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Excellent Adventure Cast & Crew
Director: Kenny Bourquin
Head Writer: Gina Bardi
Stage Manager: Emilio Racinez
Writers: Robin Hardwick, Ty Bardi, Matt Casey, Nicole Odell, Meghan Trowbridge, Margaux Poupard, Carolyn Racine, Ken Slattery
Performers: Brian Allen, Michelle Peck, Tavis Kammet, Meghann Hayes, Nicole Odell, Vince Faso, Hilary Hyatt

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10955083_978137938882029_4592974909253436062_oA School of Lobster

Do you watch old episodes of SNL like it’s your job? Love Key and Peele and Monty Python? Dip your toes into the sketch comedy pool with a writing class at Killing My Lobster. Our classes are taught by Bay Area professional funny people and KML veteran writers and performers with years of experience. You’ll learn the fundamentals of sketch writing as well as techniques for developing your comedic voice. And you’ll probably have a good time. Whether you’re looking to work in sketch comedy professionally, or just expanding your comedic horizons, we’re here to help you make that happen.

Classes Currently Offered: 

Improv for Beginners

Improv for Storytelling

Improv for Physicality

Improv for Kids

Sketch Comedy Writing 1

Sketch Comedy Writing 2


What you get:

- Instruction by the funniest and most experienced KML writers and performers

- A community of people to build and hone your skills with

- A comfortable, safe and supportive environment in which to learn, laugh and explore

- Skills to apply to work and life

- All Writing Classes receive a final reading by professional KML actors

- All Writing Students receive a free ticket to the KML show of the month!

Need more convincing?  Check out these testimonials from previous students and instructors.

For more information, drop us a line:

*Class details subject to change.

The fine print:
KML cannot issue refunds for classes, but we can offer course credit to be applied to another class. Killing My Lobster reserves the right to refuse admission to any class at our discretion. 


Know Your Alphabet

cover170x170The Alphabet podcast!

Each episode is a new letter of the alphabet and a bunch of hilarious sketches and stories that begin with that letter. So, if you’re listening to a story about an astronaut, you’re probably listening to episode “A.” If it’s about bears, it’s episode “B.” You can probably figure it out from here. — Killing My Lobster is producing a brand new live comedy show in San Francisco, EVERY SINGLE MONTH in 2015, including a live episode of this podcast!

Listen to all the episodes HERE