The Political Show (November)

KML The Musical (September/October)

Game of Nerds (August)

Night of the Living Data (June)

Lifetime: Theatre For Women (May)

826 + KML = BFFs (April)

Body Talk (March)

Sex Battle (February) 

Best of KML 2015 at SF Sketchfest (January)


KMLZ: It's a Wonderful Lobster (December)

Sketchprov (November)

Rosemary's Lobster (October)

KML Presents "Gary" (September)

Lobster Jones' Diary (August)

Sisterhood of the Traveling Hat (July)

KML Gets a Prenup (June)

Murder, She Was Murdered (May)

826 + KML = BFFs (April)

KML's Excellent Adventure (March)

Sex Battle (February)

KML Keeps It All Off at SF Sketchfest (January)


KMLZ: Holidaze (December)

KML Takes It All Off 2 at CalShakes (September)

KML Goes Radioactive (August)

KML Takes It All Off at CalShakes & Fury Factory (July)


KML's Winter Follies (December)

The Shakespeare Bug (June) 

KML Learns a Lesson (May)

Megillah 3.0 (February) 

KML's Best Of Show at SF Sketchfest (January)


KML Takes It To The Streets (December)

KML Does Not Fear the End (November)

KML Plays with Beckett (September)

KML at SF Improv Fest (August)

KML Chops Down the Family Tree (April/May)

KML Best Of Show at SF Sketchfest (January)


KMLZ: Holidaze (December)

KML Conquers the Galaxy (September/October)

KML Reboots (March)

The Whole Megillah (March)


KML Holds the Mayo (September)

KML Goes Undercover (June)

KML Preaches to the Choir (March)

KML at SF Sketchfest (January)


KML's B-Sides (November)

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Pure Shock Value (March)


KML Goes to 11 (November)

KML Springs Forward, Falls Back (July)


KML Saves the Day

KML Faces the Music


Hunter Gatherers 

KML Faces the Music


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Killing My Lobster: Nothing is Original