Get Involved


We get by with a little help from our friends. From working front-of-house to painting the set, it all helps! If you’d like to help any of our shows get on their feet, please contact us at


Ok, so we don’t “need” a ’69 Jaguar E-type. But it would be nice…You don’t have to have cash to make a donation to the Lobster. In-kind donations of products and services help us to keep our costs down, just send an email to if you have something you think we could use.  If you’d rather give money though you can get more info on our Donations page or just click the link below.



Monica Lewinsky had it easy. It gets hella busy around a sketch comedy group. Give a shout if you can help in an admin kind of way.


We are always interested in finding new, fresh talent.  The best way for us to get to know you (and for you to get to know us) is to take one of our CLASSES.  But we also periodically conduct open auditions for both writers and actors.  The best way to find out about them is join our email list to the right of this page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Space is at a premium in this town. If you need to hold a meeting or a rehearsal, let’s see if we can accommodate. We also have a Narnia-like closet full of costumes and props. Let’s make a deal! Contact us at to inquire.