Killing My Lobster instructors are not only teachers, but active artists crafting original comedy with KML on a regular basis. Read up on these trusted purveyors of sketch comedy artistry, see which classes they're teaching, and find the right course and teaching artist, for your needs. 


cassie rosenbrock

Cassie Rosenbrock is an actor and director with Killing My Lobster, appearing recently in The Political Show and 826+KML=BFFs. She's done improv and written/performed sketch comedy for over 10 years with several companies, including ComedySportz San Jose and The Roughhouse. She's thrilled to have found her comedy home with Killing My Lobster. She hugged Jeff Goldblum once, which is very important for you to know. 

Cassie's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Acting 2 Spring Session

Sketch Comedy Acting 1 Fall Session (Mondays)


Elaine Gavin

Elaine received her BFA in Drama from San Francisco State University. She fell in love with sketch comedy after taking the Killing My Lobster writing classes. She has been performing and writing with the company since 2013 and had the honor of teaching Writing 1 for KML for the last couple of years. She was the Head Writer for Sex Battle and Sisterhood of the Traveling Hat. Her favorite experiences have been performing in Killing My Lobster + 826= BFF’s and writing for KML Gets a Prenup, KML presents Gary and KMLZ’s Holiday show. She has recently co-written a One Act play called “Vegetable Crush” which was performed by a bunch of fabulous middle schoolers at Redwood Day School in Oakland.

Elaine's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Spring Session (Tuesdays)

Sketch Comedy Writing 2 Winter Session


Kate elston

Kate is a writer and director with Killing My Lobster. She also performs on the comedy improv team Chinese Ballroom and is a founder and lead producer of the comedy news show Newsbroke on AJ+. Funny songs are her jam. Kate has been the head writer for KML The Musical, Lobster Jones' Diary, and Puppetry of the Lobster. 

Kate's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Winter Session

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Summer Session (Tuesdays)



karl keily

Karl has been writing with Killing my Lobster since completing the writing courses in early 2016. He debuted as a writer on The Political Show. Karl has an MFA in Advertising Copywriting and works, appropriately enough, as an advertising copywriter during the day. He loves KML for giving him a unique creative outlet and allowing him to pursue comedy alongside his wife and co-teacher Kate.

Karl's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Summer Session (Tuesdays)


max maliga

Max has been performing comedy for more than a decade in multiple cities around the US. His love of improv and sketch comedy blossomed at HUGE theater and The Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, where he graduated from their improv and sketch programs. Max received his bachelor’s degree in film from Occidental College in Los Angeles and also has more than 10 years experience working in the film industry. Shortly after moving to Oakland in 2014, Max found his “comedy home” at KML.  He is thrilled to be working with such a talented group of artists to make the best sketch comedy in the Bay Area.

Max's upcoming classes: 

Sketch Comedy Acting 2 Fall Session


Meghann Hayes


Meghann has been working with Killing My Lobster since 2012 as a writer, actor and teacher. She has been an improviser for 10 years, performing at Sacramento Comedy Festival  as well as San Francisco's Sketchfest. When she's not making people piss themselves with laughter, she works with extraordinary students with disabilities. She leads a semi-charmed kind of life and teaching comedy is the perfect marriage of both her passions.

Meghann's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Acting 1 Winter Session

Sketch Comedy Acting 1 Fall Session (Saturdays)


Mike Ottum


Mike has has been writing for KML since June 2014, and has been head writer for several shows. Seeing actors perform his work and hearing it make the audience laugh for the first time had a profound impact on Mike, so much so that he quit his job in tech in order to pursue comedy full time (don't worry, he's gainfully employed again). He will be forever grateful to Killing My Lobster for giving him that opportunity to make strangers laugh, and it is his goal as a teacher to help other writers experience it.

Mike's upcoming classes: 

Sketch Comedy Writing 2 Fall Session


Molly Sanchez

Molly is a writer, comedian, and lover of burritos everywhere. She's been performing stand up for 4 years in LA, New York, Toronto, and various hives of scum and villainy all over SF. She's taught and performed improv for 8 years first with SF State's Improv Nation, then with Endgames Improv and she's been featured during the Del Close Marathon. She joined KML by way of the diversity fellowship and has written for The Lobster Before Christmas, Sex Battle, 1997, and most recently Puppetry of the Lobster. 

Plus she once caught a shrimp in her mouth at Benihana. 

Molly's upcoming classes: 

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Winter Session

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Summer Session

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Fall Session


nicole odell

Nicole Odell has been performing comedy and theatre for the last ten years. She holds a B.A. in Drama from SFSU, and in 2011, she graduated from the Second City Hollywood Conservatory program, where she received the bulk of her training in sketch writing and improv. She and her classmates formed the comedy group Margot's Pie, working together in L.A. until 2014, when Nicole moved back to the Bay Area. Since her return, she has been teaching/performing improv with Leela SF, and performing/writing sketch comedy with Killing My Lobster. Nicole was head writer for Game of Nerds in 2016. Most recent credits with KML include performing in Killing My Lobster: Under Pressure at Sketchfest and writing for KML Presents 1997. Nicole is excited to have the opportunity to teach sketch writing to others, and to help them find the joy that comes from making funny happen.

Nicole's upcoming classes:  

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Spring Session (Saturdays)


Rinee Shah

Rinee has been with KML since 2017, most recently writing for Sex Battle 2017. When people used to ask her what her dream job was, she'd say "SNL writer" and then they'd say "are you funny though?" and so she is pleased to be finally proving all of them wrong. Outside of sketch, she's spent the last ten years as an advertising art director and illustrator. 

Rinee's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Fall Session


sarah suksiri


Sarah is a writer whose work has most recently appeared on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Reductress, and the stage of "Camp KML." She briefly left her Bay Area homeland to earn an MFA in Creative Writing at Indiana University, where she taught composition and led workshops in poetry and fiction writing. Her favorite rooms are the ones full of writers.

Sarah's upcoming classes: 

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Spring Session (Saturdays)


Sean Owens

Dubbed "SF's Best Comic Playwright" by the SF Weekly, Sean has been writing and performing for 30 years, both in the Bay Area and abroad. Sean joined KML in January of 2015, and has written for nine shows (thus far), including both “Sex Battles,” the hyper-physical “Body Talk” and the unprecedented “KML: The Musical!” Among his other credits are: two solo shows, "Girlesque" and "Naught But Pirates," a set of Bay Area Theatre Critics' Circle Awards, the ten-minute film “Climax” (watch it on his website:, and the ongoing web series, "FLOATERS."

Sean's upcoming classes:

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Spring Session

Sketch Comedy Writing 1 Summer Session




Siobhan Doherty

Siobhan is an actor, director, teaching artist, and NYU Tisch graduate. She has greatly enjoyed performing sketch comedy with Killing My Lobster since 2014, and also having the pleasure of directing KML + 826 = BFF’s.  Her theatre teaching jobs include directing Shakespeare at The Nueva School, using drama to teach literary concepts with Word for Word, as well as mentoring & performing with the Each One Reach One playwriting program, which gives a voice to incarcerated teens. 

Siobhan's upcoming classes:


Sketch Comedy Acting 2 Fall Session


Sketch Comedy Acting 1 Spring Session

Sketch Comedy Acting 1 Summer Session